7. Love Like Yours

I thought I saw you ‘bout an hour ago

You held my hand in the snow

My heart was frozen through

I was blinded but your love kept me warm

Sheltered me through the storm

Inside my life you grew

You showed me things that I had known from the start

The ones held deep in my heart

And once I felt that feeling I knew

That every day inside this world isn’t mine

Just like a bird needs to fly, its true

That I need you


What goes up, always comes down

And love like yours makes this world go round

I once was lost, now I’m found

You picked my heart up off the ground with truth

I’m walking better now that I have your love

The sun shines brighter above

through skies of brightest blue

But I’m not perfect and I make my mistakes

But I am trying to break

The things I wish I could undo

But you love me through my deepest of scars

You say no matter how far

I run that I will always have you

To help me make it though the darkest of times

There’s not a doubt in my mind about you

And I love you


You pick me up when I cannot breathe

You’re the wind in my hair and the sand in my feet

You lift me up so I believe

In everything I love and every song I sing

Finally happy in the person I am

I’m not afraid to stand

And give myself to you

Cuz you deserve the very best of me

My heart’s entirety, dedicated to

Every life inside this world I call home and every person alone

Screaming out cuz they need the truth

That what you hold inside your heart isn’t yours

That’s not what love is for, it’s to use

Cuz they need you